Discover the natural benefits of silk

The young, old & ageless need to know not only about the pleasure – but also the health & beauty benefits of sleeping on silk.

beauty should be effortless

A natural addition to your bedtime routine.

Soft on the Skin

Silk is gentle on the skin, thereby reducing the formation of sleep wrinkles. Sleeping on silk allows for more effective use of your night creams, allowing for improved skin hydration, which in turn gives you clearer skin & a glowing complexion.

Keeps Hair Silky

Hair Care & Beauty Experts claim sleeping on silk supports the prevention of thinning hair, keeps your hair soft, tangle free & leaves you waking with sexy bed hair.

The benefits of sleeping with silk

comfort over everything

Strong but soft, warmth when it's cool & cool when it's warm.


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, aiding those with allergies or dry, sensitive & itchy skin conditions.

The Cool Side of the Pillow

Those summer nights spent trying to decide on the cooler side of the pillow will be no longer. Silk is a natural heat regulator. Stay cool in summer, warm in winter & ease hot flushes.

The benefits of sleeping with silk

the luxury you deserve

What's life without a little indulgence? Enjoy the feeling of silk against your skin every day.

100% Mulberry Silk

We use Grade A 22 momme Mulberry Silk for the production of all our silk products. Mulberry silk is universally accepted to be the highest quality silk you can purchase. This natural fibre is produced by the silk worms of Bombyx mori moths, and the production process is a 2000 year old ancient craft. The quality of silk fabrics are measured in units of momme – the higher the momme, the better the quality.

Sewn with Silk Thread

All our silk products are sewn exclusively with silk thread.

The benefits of sleeping with silk
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